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Trust Fall Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in  building a Culture of Engagement by developing Employee Engagement.  


We offer three main services: 

1. One-on-one online coaching sessions: tailored to exploring and enhancing your employee engagement knowledge.

2. An extensive TSIM program focused on developing a Culture of Engagement within your organization.

3. In person consulting for businesses located in the Kelso-Longview and surrounding areas.  For information on these consulting services click here.

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The TSIM Program


The TSIM Program and a Culture of Engagement

Trust Fall Consulting specializes in developing a Culture of Engagement. By implementing the Total Service Improvement Management Program (the TSIM Program), Trust Fall Consulting focuses on transforming cultures into sharing a company-wide commitment to everyone’s success. 

About the TSIM Program: this is an 18-month program that is customized to best meet your organizational employee engagement needs. Recognizing that every organizational culture is unique and presents its own individual challenges, Trust Fall Consulting will work closely with you to understand your current culture and develop a path to achieving a Culture of Engagement


The Cost of Employee Disengagement

Each year billions of dollars are lost and numerous customers walk away due to  disengaged employees.  Compared to engaged employees, disengaged employees have a  higher rate of turnover, decreased productivity, and poor well-being.  Operationally, disengaged employees attribute to failed process improvements and failed customer services.  Overall, the cost of disengaged employees is staggering and can ultimately be the leading factor between profitability or not.  

The Benifit of Engaged Employees:

Engaged employees give their best each day, are committed to their organization, and are motivated to contribute to the overall success of the organization.  

Other key benefits of engaged employees include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved client services
  • Decreased absenteeism 
  • Decreased turnover
  • Improved Employee Well-being
  • Improved organizational climate and culture


The Trust Fall

The concept of trust begins with honesty, integrity, and respect; in the workplace Trust is shown through risk and vulnerability.

Will your employees catch your company?

Will your company catch your employees?

Will they catch each other when they are vulnerable?

When Trust builds, employee engagement follows.

Why Trust-Fall?


The trust fall is a physical act where one person vulnerably risks a blind backwards fall trusting that another person or group of people will safely catch them prior to hitting the ground.  Scary, right? The metaphorical aspects of Trust Falling can be even more unnerving:   


The organizational trust fall is a figurative act where an employee takes a risk (by admitting to a mistake, thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, etc) that leaves them vulnerable to their organizational network.  If caught, the risk taken could lead to valuable benefits for the organization and employees.  If the employee is not caught by their network, they may experience unhealthy criticism that would lead to withdrawal and disengagement from future activities. 

1-Hour Coaching sessions


1-Hour Employee Engagement Sesions

In addition to the Cultural transformation TSIM Program; Trust Fall Consulting also offers 1-hour Employee Engagement Coaching Sessions.  These sessions are conducted online through Skype meetings.  Starting with an initial survey, the coaching session will help provide insight and guidance to best meet your employee engagement questions and needs.  

For more information on The TSIM Program, or the 1-Hour Coaching session: Please enter your contact info and request in the Drop us a Line! section below.

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