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About Us

Kurt Clarkson, MBA and PhD(c), Owner



Kurt Clarkson, MBA and PhD(c) is the owner of Trust Fall Consulting. With over 15 years of employee engagement experience, Kurt is in the dissertation stage of obtaining his PhD in Business Management with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Change. The focus of Kurt's dissertation is to explore the interactions, influences, and impacts that frontline employees experience within service recovery practices. As a developing subject matter expert in employee engagement, Kurt Clarkson will provide invaluable insight on improving the employee engagement levels within your organization. 

About Trust Fall Consulting


Owner: Kurt Clarkson, MBA, PhD(c)



We offer customized local and remote employee engagement consulting tailored to fit individuals and small to medium sized organizations. Using project management techniques, we specialize in coaching and leading employee engagement programs that provide total service improvements.

We can help transform organizations into Cultures of Engagement. We promote positive cultural change by enhancing individual managerial skill sets designed at improving the engagement levels of their employees. Our coaching focuses on developing trust, team development, emotional intelligence, social awareness, feedback, and alignment.

Our consulting specialties include: 

Employee Training/Development

Employee Well-being programs 

Team Building

Job satisfaction assessment 

Workforce Planning 

Workforce Safety programs

Psychological safe workplace development 

Corporate social responsibility

Project Management 

Systems improvement

Organizational service improvement 

Customer service focus

Continuous Improvement 

Leadership Workplace/process ownership 

Emotional Intelligence development